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It’s impossible to be physically present in every international student market around the globe.

Let Fourdozen be your digital agency in Vietnam.



Marketing in Vietnam has never been easier

Choose from any of our digital services to reach thousands of parents and students.

Linh’s List

Get a one year membership to our Facebook community of 130,000 Vietnamese students and promote your school each month.

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Lead Generation

Let us plan, build and run foreign-language advertising campaigns that drive inquiries to the top of your funnel, using your CRM.

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YouTube Advertising

Separate yourself from competitors using video and reach more students than ever on YouTube.

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Content Marketing

Build a Vietnamese language Facebook page to promote your school organically and generate a buzz.

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We understand your needs

Digital marketing helps in all the areas that matter.

Demonstrating ROI

Digital marketing delivers analytics to meet your reporting requirements.

Cutting Costs

Our strategies are cost effective so your recruiting budget lasts longer.

Managing your Time

Fourdozen’s marketing team takes work off your plate.

Solutions for any budget

Go digital and put the money you used to spend on airfare and hotels to work promoting your school online today.


Less than $3,000 / year

Reach students with a Facebook Community Membership. Learn more.

$3,000 – $8,000 / year

Generate leads through Google and Facebook advertising. Learn more.

Rack up hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube.  Learn more.

More than $8,000

Take your YouTube advertising professional. Learn more.

Use social media content marketing to set your school apart. Learn more.

Need more support?

Fourdozen has deep roots and broad networks in Vietnam.

Finding New Partners

Looking for agents and consultants in Vietnam? We can make an introduction.

Planning Events

We do it all, from webinars, workshops and fairs to scholarship contests and school visits.

Following up with Leads

Our study abroad consultants can call students on your behalf and move them through your pipeline.

 Meeting Schools

Trying to make school connections for visits or special programs? We’ve got you covered.

A team that speaks your language

Brett Wertz

Fluent in Vietnamese, Brett has 10+ years of recruitment experience in Vietnam and has helped more than 1,000 students find their perfect fit school.

Alex Yates

An award winning author fluent in Vietnamese, Alex has managed digital advertising and PR portfolios for multi-billion dollar U.S. government projects.

Matt Wetherington

An admissions professional who has worked as a recruiter at institutions worldwide and recruited students from 70 countries, Matt also has experience leading recruitment tours globally.

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