IEC – Deepening Ties Between Vietnam and the United States


Fourdozen is delighted to be partnering with the International Education Consortium (IEC), a non-profit organization that promotes deepening ties and mutual understanding between countries in Asian-Pacific region and the United States. The consortium is composed of five prestigious universities in the northeastern United States: Emerson College, Muhlenberg College, Quinnipiac University, St. Michael’s College, and Washington & Jefferson College.

The IEC works to strengthen internationalization efforts at these institutions by expanding cultural and educational exchanges. To that end, Fourdozen will be supporting them in Vietnam with a digital brand awareness campaign, and will help the IEC organize and promote a scholarship contest specifically designed to attract Vietnamese students to their member universities.

Our team at Fourdozen has a lot of experience promoting educational institutions in Vietnam, and organizing scholarship contests, and we are excited to be doing so for the first time on behalf of an excellent educational consortium such as the IEC. Moreover, we at Fourdozen believe deeply in the IEC vision to create a shared future of peace and prosperity between the Asian-Pacific and United States regions through long-lasting educational partnerships. It is an essential mission, and we could not be happier to be a part of it.