Educational Consulting

Fourdozen has a strong background in educational marketing and provides student consulting and recruiting services to students that want to study abroad. We provide these services through our Du Hoc Thanh Cong brand. You can learn more about Du Hoc Thanh Cong by visiting our website here.

Fourdozen provides consulting services to its clients based on their academic ability, financial circumstances and personal needs. We are experts in global education and offer admissions advice for students and families considering both secondary and higher education options. Fourdozen is legally registered to provide study abroad consulting services under codes 8560 and CPC 929. Click here to learn more about Fourdozen’s business license.


Fourdozen supports families that aspire to have their children study at elite schools abroad. We work with schools at the secondary level in the U.S., Canada, Switzerland and England, as well as with universities around the world. Our consulting process involves a thorough student evaluation which allows us to develop a unique plan that will guide families through the admissions and immigration process.

Our services include

  • Student academic evaluation
  • School selection and list preparation
  • Application processing and review
  • Immigration consulting
  • Mentoring
  • Ongoing support for students and families after admission

Fourdozen works with a select group of approximately 300 secondary schools that meet our standards for excellence. Most schools are located in the U.S., though we do have some European partners. Every school on our list has been vetted carefully, and Fourdozen has visited each campus to personally check the quality of the school. We have built long-term relationships with each school, its admissions officers, and its administrative team.

At the university level there is a diverse set of opportunities for international students. Fourdozen works with only accredited, not-for-profit universities that have a demonstrated history of excellence and job placement outcomes. Each year we attend conferences in the U.S. to meet with university representatives, and we have built deep partnerships with schools dating back more than 10 years.

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