Data Collection, Research and Analysis Strategies

A key focus of our work is market research and data analysis. Our research team conducts proprietary studies that help us create customer profiles, understand market trends, detect market threats, and develop massive datasets for use in crafting marketing strategies.

Predictive Modeling

We use a variety of different regression models to understand which variables have the greatest power to influence customers and audiences. These techniques also help us learn which marketing methods have limited significance on outcomes.

Experimental Design

Our experimental models test what specific features in our marketing strategies have a causal effect of moving customers to action. We use control and treatment groups, avoid confounding and maintain rigorous internal validity to reduce bias.

Population Sampling

We run our studies in the target market, testing in the target language, and recruit large cohorts of respondents that fall within a carefully described population. We employ hierarchical modeling, when necessary, to ensure relevant results.

Exploratory Data Analysis

We utilize innovative strategies to look for relationships and patterns in large data sets we build or that are supplied by our clients. This helps deliver novel insights that can be applied to marketing plans.

Network Analysis

Our social media data sets enable us to find and target new audiences that have similar interests. We routinely analyze our data sets to look for significant relationships between respondents, and can use this data to create lookalike audiences across social media platforms.

Focus Groups

We also collect qualitative data through focus group studies that provide context to our data analysis and paint a broader picture for our clients.