Video Production

Fourdozen provides consulting and advisory services on video production. Video production is a key pillar of any good digital marketing strategy because video is so central to the online user experience. It appears in the form of YouTube ads, Facebook posts, Tweets, and Instagram stories. Video is ubiquitous, and the best way to get an emotional reaction from a potential consumer.

Our clients integrate video throughout the lifetime of their marketing campaigns, rather than as one-off, standalone projects. We have a network of independent filmmakers who help our clients bring their ideas to life.

Language plays an important role in our videos, since our audiences rarely speak English as a first language. We uselocal on-camera talent, and use subtitles and audio dubbing wherever necessary to make sure that messages are communicated clearly and accurately.


We offer marketing consulting services for video production including:

  • Working with independent, certified filmmakers for original video production
  • Subtitling, dubbing and recutting of existing video
  • Livestreaming


Our clients take a cross-platform approach to video production and create videos suitable for deployment on all the major platforms including:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Twitter

We help our clients start their projects with the end in mind, thinking about where the video will appear, who is likely to watch it, for how long, and what CTA we would like to communicate.

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