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Filmmaking and Photoshoots

We produce videos and stage photoshoots that move audiences to action. Video and stills are central to the way that social media is consumed and shared in Southeast Asia, and there is no better way to create real fans and brand evangelists than to publish original and compelling content on the platforms that they use. Our teams have experience producing viral videos, commercials and short documentaries. We understand how to tell compelling stories in this medium, and are eager to do so for you.

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Local Talent, Local Teams

We use local teams and in-house staff based throughout the region to produce all of our media content. This is not only a cost-effective strategy but lends authenticity to the finished products. We follow international standards combined with local techniques and ideas to create films and photo shoots that are geared to Southeast Asian audiences.

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Bilingual Storyboarding

We storyboard each video in a way that never forgets the audience, which means drafting scripts in the target language. Rather than taking a top down, outsider approach, we make sure that storyboards are culturally sensitive in a deliberate, intentional way, from the beginning.

Post-Production and Repackaging

We also use existing content from our clients, editing and remixing to create on-brand media productions precisely targeted at the local market. We dub, subtitle, and remaster to take advantage of the high quality media that you already have, and ensure that it resonates here. We can also edit and combine existing footage to create entirely new video projects of any length.