Our Story

A scientist, a businessman, and an academic walked into a bar. Yes, we know that sounds like the setup for a joke. But for Fourdozen, it turned out to be the setup for something much more.

Our company was founded among friends. The group gathered together on that autumn evening in Saigon had profoundly different careers and life experiences, but they shared a common interest in and passion for the amazing country that had become their home. And it was clear to them, even during that first casual conversation, that there was something special about this idea. More conversations followed, and with them more friends. Writers and designers, videographers and developers. Conversations became meetings, and meetings became deals. Today, faster than we could have imagined, Fourdozen is proud to represent clients from around the world, performing cutting-edge market research, and designing custom digital marketing solutions for organizations ready to think different.

People often ask us where we got our name. Fourdozen is a reference to those first 48 hours spent together dreaming, down in Saigon. From that dream to a company with a newly-opened office and home base in Hanoi, we are so proud of the progress we’ve made. But Fourdozen is more than an office space, or list of clients. It is more than the services we provide, or the unique expertise that we bring. Fourdozen is a team. The only way to introduce ourselves, is to introduce everybody. Here we are.

Brett Wertz


A graduate of the Middlebury Institute, Brett has more than 10 years of entrepreneurial experience in Vietnam. He gained extensive knowledge of the international education sector while working as country director at a multinational recruiting agency where he oversaw marketing and communications. In addition to running Fourdozen, Brett also works as a consultant with the International Institute for Sustainable Development, where he manages video teams and content production for governmental and non-governmental clients and United Nations agencies. Brett is fluent in Vietnamese and Japanese.


Matt Wetherington


Matt is an active global citizen with New Jersey roots. After graduating from Rutgers University he spent three years traveling the world and working abroad. Matt has spent his professional life in the international education sector helping institutions at all levels break into emerging markets around the world, from Azerbaijan to Indonesia. His background in admissions, recruitment, and sales gives him a unique perspective to develop tailored marketing and communications solutions for clients. Matt is a community organizer, hosting an intercultural language exchange once a week, and he’s also the guitarist and singer/songwriter in a band currently working on its first studio album. Matt is fluent in French and Japanese.


Dr. Zach Garfield

Research Director

Zach is a behavioral scientist who holds a Ph.D. in evolutionary anthropology and is currently based in Toulouse, France. With a broad interest in human behavior and culture Zach has published on diverse topics including social learning, human sexuality, and suicidal behavior. His research focuses on the evolution of leadership and followership, decision making cognition, and cooperation and he conducts field work among remote minority ethnic groups in Southwest Ethiopia. As an anthropologist with a strong foundation in both quantitative and qualitative methods Zach is able to design innovative market research providing targeted, data driven insights for Fourdozen’s clients.


Alexander Yates

Digital Marketing Manager

Alex is an award-winning writer and editor, with books published by Random House and Simon & Schuster, and articles appearing in Salon, The Guardian, and other publications. Alex has worked in communications for both the State Department and the US Agency for International Development (USAID), most recently in Afghanistan, where he managed social media outreach and press for a portfolio of over $2 Billion. A skilled storyteller and educator, Alex also has over three years of experience living and working in Vietnam. He is fluent in Vietnamese and Spanish.


Nguyễn Ngọc Viên

Operations Manager

A graduate of Hanoi University, Vien is a skilled professional with more than 8 years of experience in marketing and communications. She has managed portfolios for partners such as the World Bank, VietGap and Cat Ba Amatina Resorts. More recently, Vien has focused on customer service, building trust among her foreign partners and domestic clients. Vien holds a certification in study abroad consulting and training from the Academy of Education Management in Vietnam.


Nguyễn Thị Minh Châu

Digital Marketing Specialist

Chau has a bachelor of International Relations from the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam. Before joining Fourdozen as a study abroad consultant, she worked in Ho Chi Minh City with Tạkeda Pharmaceutials as an HR executive. Chau has nearly five years of experience working as an interpreter and translator, and more than three years of copywriting and digital marketing experience. She has developed her expertise in study abroad through volunteering at countless recruitment events over the years. In her free time, Chau loves learning about politics and writing book reviews.


Vương Thuý Quỳnh

Sales Representative

A graduate of Hanoi Open University with a bachelor’s degree in English, Quynh has more than 5 years of business experience in communications and has worked on a variety of projects for clients including Viettel, Mobifone, Ericsson, Unitel and others. Quynh also brings with her 2 years of experience in law. Currently, Quynh works as part of Fourdozen’s study abroad consulting team.


Bùi Hoàng Mai

Sales Representative

With 8 years of experience in study abroad consulting and customer service at NTT and Popodoo English Center, Mai has been the bridge to help many students take their first steps toward finding their dream schools abroad. Through her enthusiasm and knowledge, Mai strives to help families find the best possible opportunities for study abroad, and provide them the best service possible. With Fourdozen, Mai is part of the study abroad consulting team and focuses on creating just those very opportunities for her clients.


Định Hà Minh

Study Abroad Consultant

With more than four years of experience in study abroad consulting, Minh is part of the student abroad consulting team at Fourdozen and aims to help Vietnamse students reach their study abroad dreams. Minh has experience working directly with foreign schools around the world, including in the U.S. and Canada, and strives to help students make the best possible choice when considering a school.