Content strategy, logo design, and social media marketing

Emma Krueger

Content Strategist

Alex Yates

Creative Director

Linh Nguyen


Manh Nguyen

Video Producer




Opium is a hidden bar that operates out of a small restaurant in West Lake, Hanoi. When the dining room closes, the red lights come on and bartenders begin mixing signature cocktails for patrons in the bar’s intimate opium-den-inspired space (hence the name).


As a hidden, after hours speakeasy with no signage, website, social media presence or Google Maps listing, Opium faced the unique challenge of generating buzz among a small, core audience of drinkers looking for late night spots without using many of the most traditional marketing methods available to competitors.


Fourdozen helped develop Opium’s brand identity, including a logo inspired by some of the antique wood carvings hanging in the bar. We established social media properties for the bar, developing a content strategy that showcased the people of Opium and the mood after hours, and conducting multiple photoshoots. The result was a content library distinct from other bars in Hanoi that created a unique look-and-feel. This content was used as the bases for a low key social media campaign to attract followers and generate table reservations via Instagram and Facebook. 

In keeping with the hidden nature of the speakeasy, we defied social media marketing dogma by declining to publish the address. In lieu of opening times, the Opium profiles simply said: “Open late”. This approach resulted in much higher engagement than new profiles traditionally receive, with intrigued patrons directly messaging to ask for more information.




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