Main Role


Scope of Work

Logo, web development, public relations, opinion polling

Alex Yates

Creative Director

Brett Wertz

Content Strategist

Zach Garfield

Research Designer

Chau Nguyen



PrenaSense is a cutting edge non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT) that provides expecting mothers with the information they need to ensure a healthy pregnancy. 


As a new brand with no assets, PrenaSense needed a complete solution including logo, colors, and brand guidelines for social media marketing. In addition, as a new service with few competitors, PrenaSense required an understanding of the knowledge and attitudes of potential consumers regarding NIPT in order to inform both the overall content strategy and public relations approach.


We conducted a nationwide opinion poll of expecting mothers and new mothers to understand their knowledge and attitudes regarding the use of NIPT. The results of this survey informed the content strategy we created, which focused on education rather than other factors such as price or technology.

Fourdozen developed a cutting edge Vietnamese-language website and applied industry leading UX principles not often implemented in Vietnam. This included language choices such as eliminating the use of compound words in navigation, one of the first times this has been done in Vietnam. In addition, the website applied features such as an interactive doctors’ network map, a livechat and SEO optimization following the inbound content marketing strategy.

The PrenaSense logo evokes both the figure of an expecting mother and the indelible “S” curve of the national borders of Vietnam itself. It is a logomark that is easily recognizable and distinct from competitors.

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