TA Spirits

Main Role

Content Creation

Scope of Work

Campaign strategy, visuals, content creation

Alex Yates

Creative Director

Brett Wertz

Brand Strategist

Linh Nguyen



TA is a new line of Vietnamese spirits that embodies the raw energy of the country’s youth. TA is available as a house pour in bars and clubs nationwide. Its iconic, bia hoi-inspired bottle is instantly recognizable.


As a new brand, TA needed to distinguish itself from competitors and become established as a brand by Vietnamese, for Vietnamese. This aspiration is captured in the brand’s slogan: “Our spirit, for One, for All.” 


TA is an urban-inspired brand. Its logo is evocative of the red and white coloring found in global streetwear brands such as Supreme, and its bottle is a bold departure from tradition. With this as a foundation, we developed the brand’s identity to embrace urban identities, anti-authoritarianism, and Vietnam’s flourishing youth counterculture. Content on all channels reflect this sensibility and communicate to consumers that TA is not your father’s rượu, no, it’s a liquor meant to be poured from the bottle straight down your throat.

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